Apple unveils stunning new iPhone 4 thats just 9.3mm thick

Thursday, 10 June 2010

APPLE last 7th June 2010 unveiled the world's THINNEST smartphone - with its 25 percent slimmer iPhone.
The iPhone 4 handset, is just 9.3mm thick but packs in more than 100 new features. They include a much-requested flash for the camera, with the lens mounted on the front for video calls.The main camera has been increased to five megapixel's, although this still lags way behind most other handsets on the market - some of which offer 12MP. but users can record videos in high defination, edit it and upload it to the web.

Apple boss Steve jobs showed off the iPhone in San Francisco last night -  but was hit by an embrassing technical hitch.

Problem: So many of the crowd were using wirless internet on their laptops that web pages failed to load on the iPhone. Mr. jobs said: ''You could help me out. If you're on WiFi, if you could just get off. We're having a little problem.

He also promosied 7 hours of talktime or six hours of 3G web surfing - after users complained that previous iPhone batteries ran out too fast.

Mr jobs revealed a controversial ''iAd'' feature which shows adverts on the iPhones applications.

The iPhone 4 is released here on June 24. The Uk price has not been announced but in US the 32Gb version will sell for $299 (around 220 pound).


3 Mobile comes with a new look and iPad deals in Uk

Sunday, 6 June 2010

3 Mobile Uk has been re-design their website and offers. With a brand new look 3 is going to increase more attractive products to their store and online store.

Three Mobile designed a speciall data plan for iPad. Data plans for iPad from Three. No other network gives you more data foy your money.

Micro SIM Only   1 month rolling contract    1GB - £7.50/month  Click here to order

Micro SIM only    1 month rolling contract   10GB - £15/month    Click here to order

Some latest 3 Mobile deals: Chose your deals and enjoy its offer

  • Mobile Broadband              
  • Mobile Broadband 5GB
  • Mobile Broadband 15GB
  • 5 GB Laptop Deal
  • 15 GB Laptop Deal
  • Mobile Broadband 1GB Existing Customer Offer
  • Mobile Broadband 5GB Existing Customer Offer
  • Mobile Broadband 15GB Existing Customer Offer
  • 1 GB Laptop Deal: Dell Mini
  • 1GB Laptop Existing Customer Offer
  • 5GB Laptop Existing Customer Offer
  • 15GB Laptop Existing Customer Offer
  • Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband
  •  Pay As You Go Mobile
  • 1Month Rolling Contract Mobile Broadband 1GB
  • 1 Month Rolling Contract Mobile Broadband 3GB
  • 1 Month Rolling Contract Mobile Broadband 15GB
  • SIM Zero
  • SIM £10
  • SIM £15
  • Internet Talker 100 TK100
  • Internet Talker 300 TK300
  • Internet Talker 500 TK500
  • Internet Talker 900 TK900
  • Internet Texter 100 TX100
  • Internet Texter 300 TX300
  • Internet Texter 500 TX500
  • Internet Texter 900 TX900 


iPad the revolutionary discovered by Apple

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Revolution, Civilization, Californication can you find out any similarities between these three word. Try it on. Now its time to say about Apple-i-sation. Isn't !!! I'm wondering and its hard to believe how technology moving fast.

Yes I'm talking about Apple iPad that is launched by apple yesterday. iPad starts at US$499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB and $699 for 64GB which will be available in late march worldwide. It has two version- one is iPad Wi-Fi and other is iPad 3GS + Wi-Fi.

iPad Spotlight

  • Screen 9.7 inch
  • A4 chip
  • LED backlit display feature
  • Ultra wide 178 degree viewing angle
  • Available in 16, 32 and 64 Gigabyte
  • Thin and light
  • Up to 10 hours battery life
  • Camera, Wirless, Audio, video and so on.
This would be the next generation most powerful pocket pc ever. Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod are the most famous and powerful tech gadgets now.


Affordable Rivet Stereo Headphone for your iPhone

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Do you love music? Do you love your iPhone? Are you looking for a good quality with affordable Earphone for your iPhone or iPod. Then I will suggest for Rivet Stereo Earphones because of its good sound quality and low-budget. Although its quiet tough to choose for the right one but I hope this would be amazing.

This Stereo headseat feature is
  • iPhone-compatible headset lets you listen to music and receive calls at the same time
  • 3.5mm plug works with many phones and all MP3 players
  • Lanyard-style cord means a comfortable and secure fit
  • Noise-isolating design maximizes sonic clarity
  • 3 sizes of earbud gel tips for any size of ear
You can buy this earphone From Amazon Rivet Stereo Earphones / Headset (iPhone Compatible)


Google One Nexus or Apple iPhone Who is the best?

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Ummm... Google One nexus or Apple iPhone 3GS. Now the question is who is the best in market. Lets see Gadget Video Review, what they says about iPhone 3GS and Google One Nexus.

This is a fantastic must watch video for phone freaks 


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